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Frankum -

   The name Frankum may be one of several variants of an English name Francombe, derived from the Anglo-Norman French feudal term franchomme meaning "free man".  Among the known variations of the name are Frankcombe, Frankom, Francom, and Frankham.  The spelling Frankum is relatively rare.

    Our branch of the Frankum family is said to have come from Perry County, Tennessee.  Jefferson Frankum was said to have fought for the Confederacy and that his father and two brothers died from wounds received in the War.  Jeff and two brothers, Allen and Robert, would make their way to Bastrop County, Texas by 1880.  Along the way, Jeff met and married Sarah Elizabeth Busby of Fulton County, Arkansas.

     Sarah Elizabeth Busby was orphaned at a young age and afterwards lived with various foster families.  Supposedly, Sallie's father owned a league of land in Salem, Arkansas.

    How Jeff and Sallie Frankum met and when they married is still a mystery.  They moved to Texas from Arkansas in a covered wagon when Sallie was expecting son William Henry.  The paused in their journey in Daingerfield, Texas, to await the birth.  Jeff was able to get a job during that wait, splitting rails.  After William was born, they headed to Bastrop County, arriving there when William was 3 weeks old.

    Jeff and Sallie would eventually move from Bastrop County to Fort Bend County, back to Bastrop County and finally to Brady in McCulloch County.   Here they are shown with their children, probably in the mid 1880s.


Sub lines I am researching:  Busby, Goodman.

My lineage:

    Ivy Frankum Wilcoxen

    William Henry Frankum & Amanda Eliza Lentz

    James Jefferson Frankum & Sarah Elizabeth Busby

    William W. Frankum & Martha A. Goodman

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