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McAfee -

     Colonsay, an island off the northern coast of Scotland, was the ancient home of the Clan McAfee.  Variations of the name include McFie, MacPhee, Fee, and others.  The Gaelic name may be "Mac Dhuibhshith", which translates as "black one of peace".

     The motto of the McAfee Clan is Pro Rege, or "For the King".  The tartan and badge are illustrated below:












     In 1840, Jacob and Lavina McAfee were living in Logan County, Illinois.  This is the earliest record I have found of our McAfee ancestors.  From Illinois, the family moved to Iowa, settling first in Sac County and later in Linn County.  Son Albert, my great-great grandfather, was born while the family lived in Linn County.

     Sometime prior to 1860, the family moved to Missouri, settling in Livingston County.  Livingston County was one of the main thresholds to the west.  St. Joseph was the departure point for many a wagon train headed to California.

    Shortly after the family arrived in Missouri, so did the Civil War.  Jacob enlisted in the Union army and son Albert enlisted in the Confederate army.  Jacob would die from fever or measles before the end of 1861.  Lavina had died earlier the same year.   

     Albert would return to Missouri after the war.  In 1868, he would switch sides and join the Federal troops in fighting Indians along the Kansas & Oklahoma borders.  In the late 1870s, Albert drifted to Arkansas where he first married Jane Elizabeth Bees Underwood and later Mary Brock.  Albert and Mary McAfee would move on to Texas about 1883, settling first in Travis County and finally in Bastrop County.

My lineage:

    Lucy Mason Hodge

    Burl Mason & Nettie McAfee

    Albert M. McAfee & Jane Elizabeth Bees

    Jacob McAfee & Lavina Baxter

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