An American Family

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Rescued Ancestors Found Here

Do you ever go to antique stores and notice
the boxes of family photos for sale?  I find these
discarded, lost ancestors a very sad sight.
Once in awhile you find a photo lying in the
box with names and locations written on the back.
These photos are very hard to pass by, knowing
there's probably a genealogist somewhere out there
who would love to have that photo in their collection.

So, when the price allows, I've started to purchase the
odd photo longing for a caring descendant.  They
will be posted here.  If you can prove a family
connection, I will be happy to send them back home.

Rescue Group 1
Wedding  & Couple Photos

Rescue Group 2
Baby & Child P

Rescue Group 3
Family Group Photos

Rescue Group 4
Photos of Men

Rescue Group 5
Photos of Women

Rescue Group 6
Autograph Albums

Rescue Group 7
Letters & Documents