An American Family

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A Visit to My Dollhouses

Dollhouses became a hobby of mine in the late 1970s.  I am particularly fond of miniature shops and stores.  Here is a sampling of my collection:

The first dollhouse I built from a kit became a turn of the century grocery store.


Country Cousins

A barn that once housed collectible figurines was purchased during the closing sale of Gus's Drug Store.  It was a perfect fit for an antique barn.



The next store I made from a kit and it became a miniature version of the knitting store I once dreamed of opening in Colorado.


The prize of my collection of miniature sweaters is the multi-colored silk hand-knit sweater hanging on the staircase wall.  The yarn winder is a recent addition, purchased at Mayfest 2005.  A red beaded purse and a white crocheted bag hang from the pegs in the front window.  The trunk is full of tiny afghans and pillows, while the top of the trunk serves as a window display of folded sweaters.  Hand tatted and crocheted doilies decorate the walls of the shop.  I, myself, knitted the little ski hats.


Upstairs is the shop owner's apartment.  The granny square afghan on the couch and the heart rug were crocheted by friends.  A museum quality Native American rug hangs on the back wall.  Authentic family photos sit on the piano.  The little standing sewing kit was also purchased at Mayfest 2005.

Turquoise Moon

The dollhouse shell was purchased unfinished in Fredericksburg and immediately suggested a Southwestern Store.  This particular dollhouse has recently undergone a renovation.


Many fine, quality miniatures are contained in this store.  Authentic Native American pottery was obtained during trips to Colorado.  Two bronze cast statues are given prominent display in the art rooms upstairs.  An ironwood coyote and bear, kachinas, sterling silver squash blossom necklaces, Mexican dolls, woven rugs, and genuine mineral samples can be found in this well-stocked shop.


Notice the miniature adobe dollhouse on the stand at the left.  In the case on the right is a pot by Rainbow Hand.

Room Boxes

The corner of a Hallmark Shop.  (Incidentally,
another shop I would not mind operating in
real life.)

What would be nicer than a cozy pot-bellied stove and
a hot toddy after a day on the slopes?

Just a normal group of friends gathering together for a little fun around
a campfire.  DId I forget to mention that it's October 31st?