An American Family

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Family Records

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Bible Records
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Bible of Nettie McAfee Rose Mason
(Most entries in the her own handwriting.  A few entries in the handwriting
 of Lucy Mason Hodge.  This is a fairly large file and may take some time to load.)

Bible of Mary Caroline Morgan Sewell Mobley
(In her own handwriting.  There are very few entries here, but they are important
 ones.  This is the only record I have ever found of the child that Mary Caroline had
 with her first husband George Washington Sewell.)

Bible of Ivy Ethelyn Frankum Wilcoxen
(In her own handwriting.  1 pages omitted to protect privacy of living relatives. )

Bible of the Tilman Wilcoxen family 
(contributed by Carolyn Wilcoxen)

Hodge-Colman Bible Records
(Contributed by Marty Hodge; records pertaining to the Henry Hodge Sr. family.
The Bible was originally in the possession of Mary Dancy Hodge.  After her death,
the Bible was purchased in an antique store by a non-relative who was kind enough
to post the information on a Rootsweb board.   Marty was able to obtain photocopies
and then generously shared them with me. )

Tax Records

Cora Amanda Mobley Hodge
(Bastrop County 1932 & 1933 tax receipts for a lot in McDade.)

Horace & Lucy Mason Hodge
(Poll tax receipts for the year 1948.)

Gabriel Moore Lentz
(Bastrop County 1871 tax receipt for 200 acres in the J. Lentz league.)

Joseph Sheppard Mobley
(Bastrop County 1880 tax receipt for 57 acres in the S. S. Beasley Survey.)

Genealogy Data
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Family Data compiled by Lucy Mason Hodge
   (In her own handwriting.  This was the start of my research on my maternal lines.)

Family Data compiled by Amanda Eliza Lentz Frankum
 (In her own handwriting, but regrettably only a fragment of what appears to have been
     a larger document.

Family Data compiled by Fayth Hodge Branton & Cleo Mobley Ogden 
    (Compiled by the cousins in June 1980.)

Family Letters
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Letter from Mary Frances Hodge to the Federal Pension Department 
(Written to plead for monetary help for her parents.)

Letter from Ivy Frankum Wilcoxen to  her aunt, Frances Lentz Rucker
(Written on the occasion of the death of William Henry Frankum.)

Letters from Hezekiah Madison Mobley to daughter Frances Jane Lewis
(contributed by Maxine Alcorn)

Letter from John Morgan Mobley to nephew Horace Hodge & wife Lucy
(Written in response to Horace & Lucy having requested him to fill out affidavits in support
of delayed birth certificates.  Though the letter included his executed affidavit in support of Horace's
 birth record, the couple apparently never followed through with  securing the additional affidavits or
with the filing of the documents for record.)

Military Records

Muster Roll Records
A.M. McAfee, service in Pointe Coupee Louisiana Artillery

     Albert McAfee, service in the 19th Kansas Cavalry  
     Gabriel Moore Lentz, service in 12th Texas Cavalry
    George Washington Huddleston, service in Co. K, 4th Arkansas Cavalry 
    Jacob McAfee, service in Livingston County Missouri Home Guards

Service Index Cards
     Gabriel Moore Lentz
     Henry Clay Lentz
     Thomas Hansen Lentz

Enlistment & Discharge Records
George Washington Huddleston, service in Co. K, 4th Arkansas Cavalry 
    Albert McAfee, enlistment in the Indian Wars 
    Ashley Rozelle Lentz, honorable discharge from Mexican War 

    Jessie J. McAfee, service in World War I 

     Henry Mobley, service in World War I

Miscellaneous Records

Ministerial License   
  Norman Allen Wilcoxen

Applications for Social Security Card
   Rosa Mae Hodge Burch
   Horace Greeley Hodge

Notice of Intention to Marry
   Horace Hodge & Lucy Mason, November 3, 1930
   W. D. Martin & Beulah McAfee, August 26, 1931

Payments on Account
    Henry Hodge to Dolphin Roberts, 1801
    Wm. Hodge to Sollomon Slatter, 1800

Deed Records

Prairie County, Arkansas
    Albert & "Johney" Elizabeth McAfee to E. M. Apperson 
 (the only documentary evidence of the name "Johney Elizabeth")

Maury County, Alabama
    William W. Frankum to Jesse J. Bingham

Livingston County, Kentucky
    Nancy Hodge to John Hodge
    Nancy Hodge to James Ramer