Family Reunion

A  newsletter for the descendants of
Joseph Mobley, Henry Hodge, Burl Mason & Albert McAfee

Family Reunion debuted with the Summer 1998 issue.  It was originally a quarterly publication, but now is more or less issued on a yearly basis.  It is **FREE** to direct descendants of one or more of the gentlemen listed above (and to descendants of their brothers or sisters).  If you are a cousin in one of these lines and would like to be added to my mailing list, please send me your name and address and how you are related to the family.

If you are a cousin through one of my paternal lines, there are no plans yet for a newsletter, other than an annual edition for the Frankum/Lentz reunion.  If you would be interested in a regular newsletter involving the Wilcoxen, Dunavan, Lentz, and Frankum lines, please drop me a line.  If enough interest is out there, I'll see what I can do.

If you would like to contribute an item of interest or an article to be included in future editions, I would love to hear from you.  Follow the link below and send me an email.   All contributions are welcome!

Family Reunion is now on-line.
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Choose the issue you would like to read:

    Christmas 2008 (Vol 11, No. 1)
Hodge line and miscellaneous research updates

    Christmas 2007 (Vol 10, No 1)
 Christmas All Year Long

    Winter 2006 (Vol 9, No 1)
 In the News

    Winter 2005 (Vol 8, No 1)
The Morgan Family and Rescuing Ancestors

    Winter 2004 (Vol 7, No 1)
Arkansas travels and mourning guidelines

    Christmas 2003 (Vol 6, No 3)
Standing on the shoulders of your ancestors

    Fall 2003 (Vol 6, No 2)   
Black Sheep Ancestors

    Summer 2003 (Vol 6, No 1)
Charles McAfee
          Playing tag with Henry and Mary Frances
          Mason deeds

    Christmas 2002 (Vol 5, No 3)
Christmas memories
        Charles McAfee

    Fall 2002 (Vol 5, No 2)
Following Hodge Deed Records in Kentucky
       Jessie J. McAfee

    Spring 2002 (Vol 5, No 1)
        Reflections on the 60s
        Hezekiah Madison "Mack" Mobley      

    Christmas 2001 (Vol 4, No 2)
        Courthouse research

    Spring 2001 (Vol 4, No 1)
        Mason research update
        Grandfather Time

    Christmas 2000 (Vol 3, No 4)
        Research on the Internet
        Feed Sack Dresses

    Summer 2000 (Vol 3, No 3)
        Albert McAfee

    Spring 2000 (Vol 3, No 2)
        Henry Thomas "Jack" Mason

    Winter 2000 (Vol 3, No 1)
 Hodge's Ark (Our family and its animals)

    Fall 1999 (Vol 2, No 4)
        Mason Family traced to Indiana

    Summer 1999 (Vol 2, No 3)
        Family Cemetery Survey

    Spring 1999 (Vol 2, No 2)
        Elmo Elijah Hodge
        Hog Killin' TIme

    Winter 1999 (Vol 2, No 1)
        Study of relationships
        McAfee/Mason Family Web

    Fall 1998 (Vol 1, No 2)
Nettie McAfee Mason
        Family Heirlooms
        Our Family and Slavery

    Summer 1998 (Vol 1, No 1)
McAfees in Prairie County, Arkansas
        Huddlestons in Arkansas
        Civil War Ancestors

The Frankum/Lentz Reunion editions