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Here are recent additions to the site:

June 2009

    Added Christmas 2008 and Frankum Reunion 2009 newsletters

    Added photo of Allen T. Frankum to Frankum photo page

    Updated Smiley tribute page and added new photos

    Added new photos to Smiley historic page

November 2008

    Added new photos to Rescued Ancestors/Men (Filer group shot)

    Added new photos to Rescued Ancestors/Women (Regina Montgomery, Lula Wood)

    Added new photos to Rescued Ancestors/Couples (Gussie & Jim Carter, M/M Frank Askey)

August 2008

    Added Frankum Reunion 2008 newsletter

    Added obituary for James Jefferson Frankum Jr.

    Added link to new blog dedicated to genealogy

June 2008

    Added new photo (at bottom of page), Rescued Ancestors/Men

    Added new photos (at bottom of page), Rescued Ancestors/Women

January 2008

    Updated Henry Hodge page to reflect name of Adolphus Lycurgus Henry Hodge
          as determined through court records of Crittenden County, Kentucky

    Added divorce petition of John Hodge vs. Mary Hodge, 1854

December 2007

    Added Christmas 2007 newsletter

    Added additional records for the marriage of John A. Hodge and
           Mary Ann Reese

November 2007

    Added newly acquired photos of Mary Ann Mobley Christian and
          the family of Thomas and Sallie (Mobley)

    Added second Mobley photo page

September 2007

    Added newly acquired photos believed to be Reason and Lucretia Mobley

    Added newly acquired photo of Joseph and Mary Caroline Mobley

    Added obituaries for
                Charles Edward Branton
                Lucile Branton Samuelson
                Tryon Joseph Branton

August 2007

    Added obituary for Mary Sonora Lentz Adams

    Added obituary for Reason Mobley

June 2007

    Added new Rescued Ancestor photos - see Couples & Men

    Frankum 2007 Reunion Newsletter added

    Added obituary for John Morgan Mobley

    Updated information relating to the Confederate veterans photo

April 2007

    Added marriage record for Elisha Reese & Frances Burks

    Added photos in the family line of Rebeccah Dancy Coleman

    Added abstracts of Thomas Hodge/s deed records
                 (and updated Thomas Hodge/s probate page)

    Added new Rescued Ancestors photos & ephemera
                (see Men, Women, Couples, Autograph Albums & Documents)

February 2007

    Added biography for Henry G. Hodge

    Added marriage records for Blount Hodge

    Added will of Blount Hodge

    Added will of Thomas Hodges

January 2007

    Added 1800 Henry Hodge receipt

    Added 1803 Henry Hodge receipt

    Added 1802 & 1802 Henry Hodge receipts for schooling of sons

December 2006

    Added Winter 2006 issue of Family Reunion

October 2006

    Added consent of William Hodge for daughter Mary Dancy Hodge to marry

September 2006

    Added family page for William & Mary (Mason) Dancy

    Added family page for Archibald & Hannah (Sessums) Dancy

    Added marriage bond and record of Elizabeth W. Hodge & William Duncan Butler

    Added marriage record of William Carroll Hodge & Mary Catherine Killen

    Updated marriage record of Asel Hodge & Catherine Millikin  (improved image)

    Updated Hodge-Coleman Bible Record to add additional pages

    Added obituary for Dr. Oscar Newton Mayo

    Added death notice for William F. Ashley & James Farris

    Added obituary for Dr. Stephen Larkin Mayo

    Added marriage record of John A. Hodge to Mrs. Isabelle E. Massey

August 2006

    Added pdf document with images of Henry Hodge will

    Added 1800 & 1801 records on account for Henry & William Hodge

    Added Hodge-Colman Bible record

    Added deed record from Nancy Hodge to John Hodge

    Added deed record from Nancy Hodge to James Ramer

    Added marriage record for Asel & Catherine Hodge

    Added marriage records for Jourdenia Hodge

    Added photo of Asel & Catherine Hodge

    Added William Hodge probate related documents

    Added Peter Dunkin family group page

    Added Allen Poteet Rice family group page

    Added Elisha Reese family group page

    Added biography for William Hodge

    Updated William Hodge family page

    Updated Henry G. Hodge Sr. family page

    Added new Rescued Photo (Must see the pet pig!)

    Added death notice for John Morgan

June 2006

    Added obituaries for Catherine Jane Morgan & Allen P. Morgan

    Added photos to Rescued Ancestors pages (See Men, Women and Family Groups)

    Added grave of Micaja Jesse Christian to Ridgeway Cemetery page

    Added graves of Jesse & Nancy Davis and Leright & Sarah Houchin to   
          Davis Cemetery page

    Added biography for Charles McAfee

    Added biography for Hezekiah Madison Mobley

    Added biography for Anderson Dunavan

    Added biography for Elizabeth Prettyman Beauchamp

    Added page for Davis Cemetery.  Burials to be added soon.

    Added page for Blackfoot Cemetery.  Burials to be added soon.

    Added page for McKendree Church Cemetery.  Burials to be added soon.

    Added Atherton Cemetery and graves of Oscar and Carrie Wilcoxen, Lewis Wilcoxen,
          Dale and Emelyn Wilcoxen, William and Maggie White, Charles and Emma Rodgers,
          George and Jennie Strawser, Hiram and Lillie Lawlyes, and Russell and Edith Dunham

May 2006

    Updated Niccum Cemetery page, replacing photos for Wilcoxen graves and
           adding graves of Anderson and Elizabeth Dunavan and directions to cemetery

    Updated Hughes Cemetery page with directions to cemetery

    Added Frankum Reunion 2006 newsletter

    Added obituaries for Linnie Brown, Herman Brown, Nancy Frankum, Samuel Frankum
          Walter McVay and Vigie Tiner on Frankum obituary page

    Added tombstones of David & Dorothy Beauchamp to Hughes Cemetery

April 2006

    Corrected John & Frances Dunavan graves from Niccum to Hughes Cemetery

March 2006

    Added Muster Roll image for Jacob McAfee

February 2006

      New dollhouse page!

January 2006

     Added grave photo for Willis DeFlay and Beulah McAfee Martin

     Added link to Find a Grave (Favorites Links)

December 2005

    Added marriage record for William Niccum & Matilda Smith Billings

    Added marriage record for Parker Kelley Wilcoxen & Lucy E. Niccum

    Added marriage record for Anderson Dunivan & Elizabeth Beauchamp

    Added photos to all Rescued Ancestors pages

    Added Texas City survivor letter to Rescued Ancestors

    Updated Autograph Album Rescue page

    Winter 2005 Family Reunion online

    Rescued Ancestors area reorganized into multiple pages

August 2005

    Marriage record of Daniel Green Huddleston & Maria Thomas

    Marriage record of Charles E. McAfee & Rosa Emma Ogden

July 2005

    Frankum Reunion 2005 Newsletter added

June 2005

    Still more rescued ancestors

    New rescued ancestors (at bottom of page)

January 2005

    Updated information, Jackson Cemetery, Arkansas

December 2004

    Cindy's blog now live

    Added Winter 2004 issue of Family Reunion

November 2004

    Added photo of Ruffell/Ruffile Hatheway to Rescued Ancestors

    Added obituary for Elmer Danielson

October 2004

    Added additional obituary for Louis Rucker

    Added new photos to Rescued Ancestors page

September 2004

    Added 1945 letter to Rescued Ancestors page

August 2004

    Added obituaries for
                Carroll Cardwell Huddleston
                Charles Huddleston
                Cleburne Huddleston
                Lorene Huddleston
                Neva Cardwell Huddleston

    Added grave of Lorene Huddleston to Live Oak Cemetery

    Added grave of John C. Huddleston to Jeffrey Cemetery

    Updated family data for the George Washington Huddleston family
          and added pictures to the family page

    Added Huddleston Photo Album

    Added letter from Mary Frances Hodge in her handwriting.

    Added selected military records of George W. Huddleston

    Added new photos to Rescued Ancestors Page

    Updated the Smiley, Texas, Tribute Page

    Added pension application transcript, George W. Huddleston

    Added photos to Calvary Cemetery, Marlin, Texas

    Added Waite Cemetery, Reagan, Texas

    Added picture to Huddleston Cemetery, Johnson County, Arkansas

July 2004

    Added North Belton Cemetery, Belton, Texas

    Added new University of Mary Hardin-Baylor page

June 2004

    Added Rescued Ancestors page

    Added Calvary Cemetery, Falls County, Texas

    Added new pictures to Frankum Photos page

    Added new pictures to Lentz Photos page

    Added military discharge record for Ashley Rozelle Lentz

    Added marriage records for Jacob Alexander Beck

    Added marriage record for Albert McAfee & Bessie Thorp

    Added Frankum 2004 Reunion newsletter

May 2004

    Added Huddleston Cemetery, Johnson County, Arkansas

    Added Jackson Cemetery, Franklin County, Arkansas

    Added Milano City Cemetery, Milam County, Texas

    Added New Salem Cemetery, Cherokee County, Texas

February 2004

    Added photos from Carnival Cruise to Cozumel, Mexico (removed 8/2006)

December 2003

    Added Christmas 2003 issue of Family Reunion newsletter

    Added Heirloom Quilts page

October 2003

    Added Fall 2003 issue of Family Reunion newsletter

    Added marriage record, Cleburne Huddleston & Neva Cardwell

    Added pictures to Mason Photo Page

    Added pictures to McAfee Photo Page

    Added obituary for Georgia Mobley Reed

    Added additional obituary for Joseph Sheppard Mobley

    Added obituary for Burl William Branum

    Added obituary for Mary Jane Mason Branum

    Added obituary for Albert Henry McAfee

    Added obituary for Emil Gordon "Jack" Branum

    Added obituaries for John, Ellen & Bob Kunkel

    Added obituary for Annie Mae Mason Byrum

August 2003

    Added marriage record for Albert McAfee & Susie Mason

    Added marriage record for Florence Lillie McAfee & Charles Weber

    Added web log of David Wilcoxen

July 2003

    Added photo of Albert McAfee, wife Mary, son Jessie and daughter Florence

    Added photo of Henry Hodge

    Added photo of George Washington Sewell

    Added photo of David Wilcoxen at San Francisco National Cemetery

    Added Family Reunion newsletter, Summer 2003 edition

    Added Family Reunion newsletter, Frankum Reunion 2003 edition

    Added McAfee deed record

June 2003

    Added several new obituaries

    Added pension application abstract for Henderson Massey

    Added wills for Anderson Dunavan and Elisha Reese